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Dynamic Processing Part 1: The Gate

The Gate Horizontal Processor To put it very simply, a gate is a processor that only allows signals greater than a specified amplitude to be heard and signals less than a specified amplitude to be reduced or silenced. This processor is mainly used as a tool for removing unwanted lower level signals like bleed and […]

The Realities of Audio Editing

What Editing Can’t Do Over the years as technology has continued to improve, I have noticed an increase in the reliance of editing to compensate for, well… to put it bluntly, bad musicianship. If your singing is off in terms of pitch or timing, it can be fixed. If your bass or guitar playing is […]

Live Recording at Edgewater Casino

On January 13th 2012 I was asked to do a live recording of a performance that will later be synchronized to video. We did this as a test to see how we could enhance the sound quality to video. I have done live performance recordings before but they were always at the mercy of whoever […]

Effective preproduction on a budget

I believe that a major key in getting a great end result is to have a great starting point. That is where preproduction comes in and I’m not talking about your regular Wednesday night band practice. I’m talking about treating your rehearsals as actual recording sessions and critiquing them as if they were. Back in […]

4 things that will create better instrument separation

  There is nothing better than capturing a well rehearsed band banging out an awesome performance live off the floor. The energy, interaction and vibe just feels great but what can be a challenge is minimizing the bleed while capturing that performance and the smaller the space is that you are recording in, the more […]

Improving your mix with reference material

Using reference songs can seem like such a small thing but it can have a huge impact on your end result. Back in 2000 I was producing a hip hop album in Vancouver Canada which is a city that is known for rock. When it was time for us to get the album mastered we […]