Recording Studio


Whether Live Off the Floor or over-dubbing,

our spacious live room can accommodate

your recording needs.


"Awesome! The mix sounds great and replacing the midi drums made everything sound so much better. Thanks for all your hard work and advice."

Todd Shymko

Lead Singer - Superfunktion
Mixing Studio


By utilizing both the latest plugins and great outboard gear,

we are able to give you the best of both worlds.


"The best part about working with Kyhan is that I always got my needs met. Further so, he always gave very strong suggestions for production, mixing and even the arrangements of the songs from his vast studio experience. He is an asset to have in the studio.”

Nikola Tucakov

Lead Singer - Capade


Giving your songs the final touches they need

so that they can sound their best

across all mediums.



Career Development

Giving you the skills you need

to be successful in todays

music industry environment.




Our recording environment provides you with ample space to record live off the floor or overdub utilizing our natural room reverb.


Whether your song requires the precision of digital or the warmth of analog, we use both plugins and vintage gear to deliver great results with every mix.


With experience in  a variety of genres, our mastering team is more than qualified to add the finishing touches that will make your songs stand out.

Career Dev

In the modern music industry successful artists are more than talented musicians, they are entrepreneurs. We give you the skills to succeed.

Kyhan Smith

Kyhan Smith

Audio Engineer
Why I Do...

Growing up on the tropical island of Bermuda and in the Scandinavian country of Denmark has provided quite a culturally diverse upbringing. My mother had me while still in their teens and despite being a young single mother, she still managed to pursue her dreams and obtain a record deal with CBS Records which moved us to Denmark when I was 7. It was tough moving to a country where we didn‘t know the language. Making friends was a challenge. Being that I clearly didn’t look like a Dane and didn‘t speak danish, I would often be either bullied or pushed out and I would often take comfort in listening to music on my Walkman. I would always look forward to the days when my mother would let me tag along to her band rehearsals, studio sessions and tours. I loved seeing how everything worked and being around the camaraderie of the musicians and crew. It was the opposite of everyday life in school. Things weren’t much better at home at the time either. My mother had married a Dane who was what I now know was mentally abusive which led me to not feel too good about myself along with anger. This manifested itself into many fights at school. Again my comfort was to play music and make countless mix tapes.
Everything turned around when I was about 14. I had joined a track and field club and was surrounded by the same camaraderie that I had experienced with the bands. I had also met a group of kids who were as enthusiastic about music as I was. At the same time a free public access recording studio opened and my life became consumed with becoming a shot-put and discus champion and making music just like I had seen when I was younger. That was more than 20 years ago. I am still finding comfort in working with music and the camaraderie in bands but now for different reasons. Thanks to my coaches in track and field I not only gained back my confidence, I learned the discipline, determination and work it takes to become a multiple junior national champion.
I do what I do because music is not just entertainment, it is an emotional medium. It can sympathize with you, it can empower you and it can give you hope. My goal with every project is to be the coach that helps you get to the top of the podium and to bring out every bit of emotion in every song to create an experience that your listeners not only hear but feel.