“The best part about working with Kyhan is that I always got my needs met. Further so, he always gave very strong suggestions for production, mixing and even the arrangements of the songs from his vast studio experience. He is an asset to have in the studio.”

Nikola TucakovLead Singer - Capade

“Working with Kyhan was awesome! The mix sounds great and replacing the midi drums made everything sound so much better. Thanks for all your hard work and advice.”

Todd ShymkoSuperfunktion - Lead singer


Our recording environment provides you with ample space to record live off the floor or overdub utilizing our natural room reverb.


Whether your song requires the precision of digital or the warmth of analog, we use both plugins and vintage gear to deliver great results with every mix.


With experience in  a variety of genres, our mastering team is more than qualified to add the finishing touches that will make your songs stand out.