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Whether Live Off the Floor or over-dubbing,

our spacious live room can accommodate

your recording needs.


Mixing Studio


By utilizing both the latest plugins and great outboard gear,

we are able to give you the best of both worlds.




Giving your songs the final touches they need

so that they can sound their best

across all mediums.



Career Development

Giving you the skills you need

to be successful in todays

music industry environment.


“The best part about working with Kyhan is that I always got my needs met. Further so, he always gave very strong suggestions for production, mixing and even the arrangements of the songs from his vast studio experience. He is an asset to have in the studio.”

Nikola TucakovLead Singer - Capade

“Working with Kyhan was awesome! The mix sounds great and replacing the midi drums made everything sound so much better. Thanks for all your hard work and advice.”

Todd ShymkoSuperfunktion - Lead singer



I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you are about as passionate about your music as I am about music in general.

Working with bands and musicians has been my passion for over 20 years now but has been in my blood since birth. My earliest memories are watching my mom sing in the lounge of the Sonesta Beach Hotel in Bermuda where the drummer would let me play after the guest had left. I didn’t know it yet but even back then my musical interest was more on how everything fit together than on playing the drums. It wasn’t until I was 8 that this was revealed to me during a recording session in Denmark.

1983 was a very significant year. It was the year that my mom got signed to CBS Records and the two of us left the tropical island of Bermuda and moved to less tropical country of Denmark. Back then, barely anybody in Denmark spoke english and my know no one so she would drag me along to rehearsals, pre-production sessions and recording session. The band members, producers and engineers would always be surprised at how content I would seem just watching the process but secretly, I was playing a game to see if I could guess the changes that they would make before they made them. I didn’t think of it as producer training but it would prove to be very useful in the future.

Fast forward to 1997, I’ve recorded a few bands, made some crude musical arrangements, done a few years of college and my family had moved to Vancouver Canada. At that point I had been a true computer musician where I had progressed from making music on a Commodore 128 to the Amiga to a 486 (most of you have no idea what these computers are :-)). However in 1997 I decided to take music more seriously and bought a Pentium powered PC, a turntable, a midi enabled casio keyboard, an Akai S900 sampler, Cubase and all the records I could get my hands on (sampling was still illegal but more common). I quickly began to produce, make beats and record funk bands, rappers and RnB groups from Vancouver, Seattle and Toronto in small punkish style studios.

Up until this point all of my recording education had come from an endless cycle of finding books, reading, experimenting and asking engineers. Eventually, the books started saying the same things and in 1999 I decided that I should probably go to school for this. A friend of mine was attending Columbia Academy at the time so I checked it out and enrolled. While attending the school I was offered a studio space in what was Profile Sound Studios which I accepted and thus ended what I had until then know as sleep. My life consisted of nothing but recording school and recording.

Upon graduating, I accepted a teacher’s assistant position at Columbia Academy which turned into a 10 year teaching career. In addition to teaching I would often record various bands after school hours and on weekends. The school turned out to be a great learning experience because in addition to having to teach and correctly answer students questions I was exposed to projects that I otherwise wouldn’t have been. Projects such as location sound for T.V. shows, recording a symphony orchestra and various other orchestras, post production for short films and T.V. and recording countless genres of music. Now as a freelance engineer, music still remains one of my greatest pleasures in life. There is nothing like pressing record and being a part of creating great music. I still play the same game that I played while watching my mom rehearse and record, only now I get to share it with you.



Our recording environment provides you with ample space to record live off the floor or overdub utilizing our natural room reverb.


Whether your song requires the precision of digital or the warmth of analog, we use both plugins and vintage gear to deliver great results with every mix.


With experience in  a variety of genres, our mastering team is more than qualified to add the finishing touches that will make your songs stand out.

Career Dev

In the modern music industry successful artists are more than talented musicians, they are entrepreneurs. We give you the skills to succeed.